Welcome to Woodcarvings by W.F. Judt

W.F. (Bill) Judt is a professional woodcarver operating a studio in Saskatoon, SK, Canada.

Mostly self-taught, he carved for twenty years in the relative isolation of northern Alberta. Because of the isolation his style of carving is quite different from that of carvers elsewhere.

He has been carving for over 40 years.

Bill specializes in relief carving (pictures in wood) which he executes in hardwood panels that are 2’’ thick or less. Most of his carvings are undertaken on a commission basis, and are purchased by private families, businesses, corporations, churches and the like.

Bill maintains a lively teaching studio, writes carving books and works on commission pieces. Two intensive relief carving workshops are offered at his studio, first in May, and then in September.

For more information call 306-715-4919 or use the form below to contact Bill via email. Thanks!