Commission a Carving

Woodcarvings by W.F. Judt

Shape and Size:

•  Minimum carving size is one square foot or larger.

•  Carvings can be round, oval, square, rectangular or any irregular shape.

•  Most carvings are executed in 2" wood stock to a depth of 1-1/4"

Wood Types:


• Red Birch - close grained, light rose color

     • White Birch - close grained, reflective, light browns

     • Cherry - close grained, color of immature cherries

     • Hard Maple - very hard, close grained, light silver-brown

     • Beech - reddish brown, close grain, very hard

• Red Oak - coarse grain, soft golden brown


• Typically, carvings are priced between $900 US and $1100 US per square foot, depending on the complexity.

• This price includes consultations time, design time, preliminary drawings, working drawings, and finishing, but not local taxes, crating or shipping.

Timeline of Commissioned Carving:

     • Initial contact is made by phone (306-715-4919) or by email at:

     • Design resources are collected (pictures, words, symbols) and customer preferences are identified before the carving begins.

     • A preliminary pattern is prepared for presentation to the customer.

     • After the preliminary pattern is approved in principle,a master pattern is  created. This contains the details that will appear in the carving in full size.

     • The customer approves the final design. At this time 20% of the total cost of  the commission is payable.

     • The wood panel is laminated, the design is transferred to wood, and the actual carving commences.

     • The carving is delivered to the customer, and the balance payment is made.

If you want to inquire about a commissioned woodcarving, e-mail Bill Judt at:

or phone (306)-715-4919

or send smail-mail to:

W.F. Judt,

46 Harvard Cres.,

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada,

S7H 3R1