Portrait Of Jesus
Valley of Dry Bones
Ezekiel 37
Presentation of Jesus in the Temple
Simeon's song of praise
Prodigal Son
Bishops Shield
Processional Cross
I Am The Vine
Joseph and Jesus
Semper Fidelis - Always Faithful
Crossing the Red Sea
Noah's Ark
Peter's Denial
Baptismal Candle Holder
Baptismal Candle Holder
Baptismal Candle Holder
Carving for Chapel in Correctional Centre Prison
Saskatoon, SK
Seven Deadly Sins
Parable of the Sower Large
Processional Cross
Bear One Another's Burdens
Semper Fidelis - Always Faithful
Joseph and boy jesus
I Am With You Always
Hebrews 12
Behold I stand at the Door and Knock
Ascending Lord Processional Cross
Luther's Rose
Luther's Rose
Offering Plate
We Give You but your own

Biblical Themes

Woodcarvings by W.F. Judt

I have many interests, but few passions.

Chief among my few passions is the desire to know, teach and carve the Word of God. I recall as a novice carver dreaming of being able to carve all of scriptures into wood. It was only my ignorance of the breadth of the Bible that allowed that dream to persist as long as it did. When I began to earnestly study the bible - that is, when I became a life-long student of scriptures - this dream required extensive revision.

Now I am content to enjoy the privilege of carving those passages of God’s Word that have had significant impact in my life. The list of those passages increases almost weekly as I move in my studies through the 66 books of the Bible reading the writings of 40 different authors, whose records bear the undeniable signature of God.

It is more important to me that I am able to say “I’ve carved at least one carving from verses of every book in the Bible” than it is to say “I’ve traveled  the countries of the world”. For the journey one takes when immersed in the Word is a journey through dimensions that are outside of the boundaries of time and space. That journey reveals a God who is able to “declare history before it has happened” and whose saving plan for the world was established before the foundations of the universe were laid.

I hope you will see some of my passion in the carvings that follow.

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