Relief Carving Revelations Volume 1

This book and its companion book Relief Carving Revelations 2, offers carvers an opportunity to explore various rendering techniques while carving a wide variety of projects illustrated in these volumes.

The books each contain 18 small projects, complete with step-by-step instructions and large, clear photos.

These e-books are in Adobe PDF format, and can be downloaded to your computer for viewing. These are high quality publications which you will enjoy as you work to expand your inventory of relief carving skills.

Read these e-books on your computer or your iPad/tablet - or simply print them.

Each volume is $20, and can be purchased via PayPal.

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Volume 1 contains the following chapters:

•Four Quadrant Carving

•Carving Feathers

•Carving Eyes

•Carving Hair and Fur

•Carving Repeating Patterns

Carving Teeth

•Carving Water

•Carving Ribbons

•Carving Stars

•Carving Buildings

•Carving Picture Frames

•Carving Ships

•Carving Incised Text

•Carving Quilted Text

•Carving Raised Text

•Carving Grapes

•Carving Trees

•Carving Hands