The word “crucifix” comes from the Latin words “cruci fixus” meaning "(one) fixed to a cross". From this word we get the term “excruciating” which literally means “through the cross”. The term “crucifix” has come to represent the pinnacle of pain and suffering.

The death of our Lord Jesus the Christ (Messiah) was the most significant event in His life apart from His resurrection. It marked the point where atonement for human sinfulness and reconciliation with God took place. It represented the culmination of God’s intention for all creation, but especially human kind, that all people on earth would be reconciled to their creator.

The crucifix is a potent symbol, then, of the lengths a righteous God was willing to go to deal with human sinfulness but also to express His great love for His creation. The Word of God - Jesus - took on the form of flesh and became like us all, subject to time, aging, pain, hunger and even death.  In so doing He also demonstrated His power over the grave and the authority that stands behind all His promises which He gives to those who place their lives and their trust in Him.

This particular crucifix depicts the point in His suffering where Jesus cries out, in a loud voice “teleō” meaning “it is finished”, which when correctly interpreted means “paid in full”. His eyes are open. His side had not yet been pierced. He utters His final words and dies.

For me.

For you.