Tools typically required for this workshop include a basic set of 12 full size mallet-tools, similar in quality to Swiss, Henry Taylor, Stubai, Three Cherries, Hirsch and the like.

Students wishing to purchase tools in preparation for this workshop may do so by contacting the favorite supplier

In Saskatoon, tools can be purchased at Lee Valley Tools and Canadian Woodworker.

Bill's tools are available for shop use during the workshop in order to supplement your personal collection.

My personal supplier:

Here is a list of the 12 preferred Swiss Tools for a starter set. I recommend this over the standard set of 12 tools, if possible.

8mm chisel

8mm skew

5mm # 5 gouge

10mm # 5 gouge 

7mm # 8 gouge

5mm # 9 gouge

10mm # 9 gouge

16mm #2 gouge

3mm veiner

12mm #3 fishtail

3mm # 12 V-parting tool

8mm # 12 V-parting tool

Also, get a mallet as follows:

Mallets, urethane, 360° striking, non marring surface... 

And a tool roll for 18 tools. For all this go to:

Rick Weibe is the proprietor.

Lee Valley Tools  has a store in Saskatoon and offers both Henry Taylor and Hirsch carving tools/sets.

Workshop Tools

May and September workshop CANCELLED DUE TO